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in the help section before using this software

Version 1.0

Welcome to Article Reworder

Article Reworder is a program which helps you reword any article by changing the words in an article. It uses an internal dictionary to change the word from thousands of available synonyms. The rewording can be done either manually or automatically. Article Reworder can take the article from internet article directories or it can use a article provided through
a text file.

The easy to use interface hosts a web-browser which can load the internet web directories in the program itself for easy selection and rewording which makes the rewording process very fast and efficient.

Some of the features provided by Article Reworder are mentioned below.

  • Hosted Web-Browser for easy loading of web article directories.
  • Easy selection of text from the article.
  • Option for Automatic/Manual rewording.
  • Built-In dictionary.
  • Option to add new synonyms for a word.
  • Exclude words option.


To know more about working of Article Reworder please visit the help section.